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Love the series cant wait to read more please add book 4!

This woman is too much! Elizabeth's character is too immature. I don't understand how Christian kept dealing with the back and forward mood swings. In part 2, he was a douche at the beginning. But, she moved on in 4 months while she was pregnant. Then, she continued to depend on the ex-boyfriend even after he moved on and they became one big happy family. The new girlfriend became the honorary aunt. That's mess up. It's like the current girlfriend could only be with him if she let him continue taking care of his ex-girlfriend. Elizabeth sleeps with Christian, then panics and keeps in from seeing his daughter. The ex-boyfriend tells him he moved too fast and he accepts that scenario with no argument. Now, this is a full grown woman with a child mind. I'm wondering why he's apologizing when she wanted the man. I don't care what regrets she had afterwards. He should've never asked an ex-lover for advice anyway. Book 2 is no better. He bust in on her and another man making out and forgives her in less than 5 minutes. Who thinks about sleeping with another man less than 6 months after their baby dies while engage to another man. Her ex- boyfriend wife told her to try and move on for herself to get better and her solution is to sleep with another man. Really!!! If you're still mourning the loss of your child why would you even consider letting another man sleep with you. This woman is too childish and weak. He should've moved on. Christian was too whipped.

Not interesting, boring

Author should really update the description of the story. Main female lead is NOT a virgin when she meets main male lead.

Not sure what part of that was taking it easy. quick forgettable time killer read

Excellent author, book was not one of my favorites but still an ok read. Her dialogue hasn't deffo improved in recent books.

she peed during an orgasm...i...why you write.....what....