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oh wow, i remember reading this in the 90s. hasn't aged well unfortunately.

Luv this book, best one of the series

Who wants to read about a freaky red alien?! Fire is red so why the red alien? I like normal alien guys.

This would have been sweet and the charactes would have been likable if they were 16. Instead, as old as they are in this book they come off immature, unrelatable and a mess. The plot development and writing is poor as well. Perhaps the author is 16.

AGREE WITH BUBBLES. Natasha Knight and Lora Leigh have the same issue---same plot, same dynamic, just names and locations and some minor details change.

Some problems with this one. For one, she isn't on the hook for her deceased father's debts. Thats not how it works; creditors will file a claim against the estate and they may take assets that way. But she wouldnt be paying off charges her father made.

Rather than dump her, he hurt her, insulted her, and belittled her until she 'got the hint' to leave. Then he's mystified that she never contacts him and doesn't seem thrilled to see him. He ABUSED her. You dont deserve someone back when you kill their spirit. She's poor and desperate and he uses that to force her to be around him, effectively hurting over and over again every day. Constantly invades her privacy, stalks her. i just wanted to punch this asshole.