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Bully drama. Not my style.

Good conclusion. Hot. Sometimes too heavy D/s

I actually loved it. 0.0 And I don't even like dark books.

Bastian’s Surrender, Book 1 of the Regency Club Venus series, was about Lord Sebastian Forbes, the Earl of Shaftesbury, and Miss Abigail "Brown" Barton, stepdaughter to the late Mr. Daniel Rafferty. Bastian, feeling horrible about the death of a man he had sent men to collect money, especially since he had known the man left behind a child and did not know what had become of him/her. He had spent the last several months trying to locate the child. After losing her only living relative and then her home, Abigail had tried to find employment as a maid. When that did not work, she went to the Club Venus to work with the other women who serviced men. The Duke of Blackborne, who owned the Club, offered Abigail's virginity to Bastian. At first, he turned it down, but upon waking up restrained to a bed with her nearby holding a knife, he changed his mind. However, Abigail, who harbored ill feelings towards the Earl, wanted nothing to do with him. The story was very fast-paced and seemed rushed. The feelings, though evident between the two main characters, were developed much too quickly, but seeing as how most of the book took place inside a brothel, perhaps it lent credence to the whole plot. Even though there was a bit of angst and drama, the book was a bit flat. There was no humor to lighten the tension and the whole thing took place within a matter of days, which was a bit unrealistic. There really wasn't enough time for a relationship to truly develop. The characters, for the most part, were dull. Bastian was a bit of a wreck all because of his guilty feelings over the misplaced "child" and so he let his life become nothing but debauchery. Abigail, though 19 years old and was supposedly a virgin, learned all too quickly...from the other ladies of the Club and from books to please a man. However, she didn't portray a normal innocent girl who knew nothing about intimacy. She showed way too much knowledge to have learned it all in a matter of days for something she had never done it before. The book was a bit of a let-down, and the title was not quite right either. What was Bastian actually supposed to be surrendering to? There was no surrender in the story. Definitely not worthy of a five-star rating or to be added to the Keeper for the Shelves collection.

Very good, excellent worldbuilding

Please add book 2 Lycan by J.M. Wolf on here as well

Awww 💕💕💕💕.... I fell in love with Clayton, that's it 🔥🔥🔥🔥.....