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I was 11 when I got adopted and now I am 12 it was different but I feel like this book helped me

I’ve read ALOT of romance books so I know pretty much all the types of plots there are. This love to hate romance is good, but basic ;Characters are a bit bland and too perfect. The book is good if you’re new to the romance scene but a bit boring of you’re a seasoned reader. 6/10

This is the most absurd thing I ever read.

He is soooooo sweet! Best book in the series.

That went from "I acknowledge and respect her earned position as alpha" to "All females need to submit and be manhandled/ disciplined." fast 😅. Personally, not a big fan of stories depicting one forcing another to submit with shame for their natural physical response to intimate stimulation. That being said I think it is fairly well written for what it is. 🙃