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this wasn't a good book but its not a bad book either

Can you get the boss series please?

A Shifter's Claim the fourth book in this set. I loved Waylon and Shilo together, though there were several times throughout when I wanted to shake Shilo and tell her to get over her insecurities and grow a pair, especially in relation to her parents. But as I said previously, an unexpected delightful twist explained the reasons for these peoples reactions about everything from before. It definitely made it easier for me to forgive certain characters and what they did to Waylon. Kind of ironic since at the beginning I perceived poor Waylon to be the bastard who walked out on his mate, an unforgivable act to me and Shilo. Once I found out why he did, I was rooting for him all the way and cursing Shilo for having no backbone.

i love Cree Dawn so much, wht characters! again and again!