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feel so real for a moment.....

It started so well, I was laughing my a** out. But the ending was very abrupt. I hate how the swapping thing concluded. Also i couldnt feel tht romance building.

This series is amazing and very written.

Maybe that will prove to Zoe, once and for all, that he is a man worthy of her heart. Brilliant article! I don’t see such articles any more these days. Well thought out and really well written. Couldn’t agree any further. Thank you for this.

The Secrets He Keeps, Book 1 of the Peril & Persuasions series, was about Miss Callista Hale "Madam Pendragon", the owner of London’s most elite brothel, and Mr. Erik Maxwell, the owner of a new gentlemen’s club that threatens Callista's business. In an attempt to get Erik to close his business down in order to prevent him from taking business away from hers, Callista went to see him. When it became apparent that he would not do so, Erik then made a proposition. If he could not seduce her within the remaining twelve days of the year, he would acquiesce to Callista's proposal to shut down and leave London forever. These two main characters were both strong-willed, arrogant, pushy...and hurting from their pasts in one way or another. Callista, being a child of the rookery, grew up as a prostitute who eventually managed to own and run one of the more successful brothels in profitable, in fact, that she put many other places out of business. Erik, on the other hand, grew up with a traveling troupe that took him to many countries. He ended up in London, opening his sown gentleman's club that offered a unique service. While the storyline and plot were well written, they really didn't make any sense. As popular and successful as Callista's business professed to be, why did she feel threatened by Erik's club? Why did she feel it necessary for him to close it down and leave? It was as if fear was the driving force behind her demand. Though the title of the book was, "the secrets he kept", it really wasn't about secrets at all, so the title didn't fit the story. If it had been titled something like, "the seduction he sought" or something even remotely to do with the actual story, it would have been better. There really wasn't much angst or drama. There was absolutely no humor. It was actually a darker story than it needed to be. The romance...wasn't really romantic at all. Though there was plenty of passion, it was actually for sex's sake. The two main characters spent very little time developing a relationship otherwise. Definitely not a five-star story.

really hard to like the main character, Aria. 2/5 stars

This was so good that I got chill

It was just ok to me. Kinda got bored with it, too predictable.