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I Loved this booked by Caitlin Crews! Alpha Male -Tick, Fiesty and Innocent Heroine-Tick,A hidden Secret -Tick ! Worth the read!:) Thanks Epub:)

To the owner of the site I am sorry if my question did actually offend you in some way it was only intended to be what it was, a question. Hopefully it isn't interpreted in any other way. Thanks for the books dude 😊

Well at least your finally done and no longer feel the need to make petty comments, who says miracles don't exist!!

That's funny I never knew making a request was called complaining don't be so negative

This got way more emotional than I expected. Very cute story, nice heroine. When she found out he was throwing away the Christmas cakes she was sending him out of kindness, I almost cried. Poor girl was so heartbroken.