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I really enjoyed reading this ,it felt like reading proper story than porn.

Awwwww 💖💖💖💖.... Such a beautiful story..... I felt so calm while reading it 😍😍😍....

Julius’s Passion, Book 4 of the Regency Club Venus series, was about Lord Julius Soames, the Earl of Andover, and Lady Bethany Metford, sister to Lord James Metford, the rightful Earl of Ipswich. For ten years, Bethany had believed her brother, James, to be dead, and for those same ten years, her uncle, who claimed to be the lawful Earl of Ipswich, had kept her prisoner in her own home. With James acting as Julius' valet, they traveled from London to Ipswich in order to help James reclaim his rightful place as the Earl of Ipswich, which his uncle had usurped by trying to, and believing he had succeeded in, have James murdered. For as long as Bethany had been a prisoner, James had been in hiding. Upon being introduced to Bethany, Julius was quite taken with her and, while the feelings were mutual, Bethany's uncle didn't want him to linger long in their home, which made Julius wonder what the Earl was hiding. The two main characters in this book were unlike those in the previous books. They were freer with their emotions and their method of handling them. Neither Bethany nor Julius hid their attraction for each other, and the passionate encounters were definitely more uninhibited. The angst and drama of the story were definitely high, but there was hardly any humor to balance it out. The twists and turns of the book were such that they made the reader's head spin while trying to keep up. The storyline was at least quite interesting and well developed, unlike some of the previous books. The intrigue definitely kept the reader's interest. Still, because the ending was so abrupt, the book lost the five-star rating it might have earned.

It was good but needed a epilogue to make it better!

I dont even know which is the POV of which character since there is no name stated until the chapter.

Umm, I'm liking it... it's very intense so far though.

its a good story, good cry at places but overall a good read.