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🎄🎄Meh... he’s protective & caring, she’s sweet... but that’s it, oh and a disgusting “mother” who should be in jail!!!

Not just another MC’s book. It has a good story, it’s steamy, funny and heartbreaking as well. Characters are torn inside, but envole beautifully.

This author is amazing. I have read 3 books in 2days. Wow.

Scot Under the Mistletoe, Book 7 of The Hot for Scots series (according to the author, but others say it can be read as Book 6. You decide), was about Nessa Oliphant, the only legitimate child of Laird William Oliphant, and Brohn Oliphant, the housekeeper’s son and second-in-command of the Oliphant warriors. Growing up with three sets of twin brothers and Brohn, who was their best friend, Nessa couldn't help but follow them around...and fall in love with Brohn. They even had a short affair...until her father started betrothing her to any man who had the first name of Henry. After seven betrothals, to seven Henrys...all who mysteriously died before she could even meet them, let alone marry one, Nessa was fed up. She wanted Brohn and no one else, even though it seemed her father was just as determined to marry her to anyone BUT the housekeeper's son. However, because Brohn had not stood up and fought for her when the Laird had betrothed her to the first Henry, Nessa was crushed and didn't know what to do about it. Each time she received a new betrothal, Brohn refused to say anything about wanting her for himself, and that broke her a little more each time, even though she still loved him. Brohn, having loved Nessa for years, believed that she was not worthy of Nessa's love. He believed she needed to make a strong marriage with someone else who could be an asset to the clan...and that wasn't someone like him. So, thinking he was fulfilling his duty to the clan, Brohn stepped aside each time her father made a new betrothal contract. Another strong, well-written rom-com. This story had everything a reader of such books could possibly want. The humor was over the top and added such a fun tone to the book that it was difficult to put down. The characters were well-developed and all the emotions that filled the story were amazingly apt. This was definitely worthy of a five-star rating and to be added to the Keeper for the Shelves collection.

🔥🔥🔥 love her style

Really worth the read! A lot of tension and they actually have chemistry out side of just sex. The ending is fantastic as well.

Best book in series. Loved Cal and Mia!