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And Creek is an absolute idiot. For someone who's supposed to be street smart, how did he not see that con a mile away? Honestly, she should have shot him and been done with it for believing that lier.

Meh. Not good or bad. just a short story, one racy scene. Meh.

An awful mess. Wrong words used, missing punctuation, stilted overly formal dialogue. 'the kids who bothers you?" The plot is silly, it would take less than an hour to solve the issue. I have nothing against Indian authors but it just seems like there's a huge influx of these poorly written, never edited, YA fanfic level stories coming in lately all from Indian authors.

PS: the ending's so sudden it'll probably give you a whiplash... worth it though

I love 💘 this book,I can't wait till the next one comes out!!

i don't like when he calls her little one it felt a little pedophilic