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Eh... I didn't really like this one. Also what ever happened to her best friend Marley? She was never mentioned again. I guess she just dropped her in favor of new friends? Why write a character in your story then just completely erase her..? I hope Curt's story is better!

Wooooowww This book was simply amazing !

my biggest hurdle was the rapid fire meet/greet instalove with no conversation into immediate lets breed

Most of these mafia arranged marriages books are the same plot over and over. This was the same idea, but the author tried to change it up and deserves credit for at least putting a new approach on it. The writing wasn't great, wasn't horrible.

Missing ends at chapter 19 even though book has 29 chapters on amazon.

Add please the first book in (Lions at Dawn) "Kian's"🙏

When is the second book coming

Please add the last book in Sinners MC Series- Sever.