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Better description " dramatic historical retelling of fragile masculinity and the male ego. Conteracted by the will of a "clever woman" suffused in religious righteousness and prejudice. Topped with a heaping dose of ignoring the easy obvious decisions for the unnecessarily long, drawn out, worst option. While being slathered in walking contradiction." 55 chapters of " WWWHHHYYY?!?!"

I read it dhit he used her

I don't know where to start. She's old enough to get engaged. But, she stays around long enough for him to rape her for weeks. She tries to kill herself and her parents keeps quiet because of her state of mind. There is no way a father will let something like this go. This rapist raped his only daughter, drove her to leave town and try to kill herself. The story is too farfetched. It's not believable.

This is a great read!