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It's good but the pacing and timing inside the book is super confusing. At one point she was like, oh it's been three months and I had to stop and reread but I still didn't find any indication it had been more than maybe 3 days.

You could have cut 50% or more, of this book out and still get the same story without the back and forth repetition. Would have been a better novel if it was half the chapters. Its attempting to be a slow burn but its actually a really slow, slow, slow burn. Really boring basically. The whole novel the main characters talo maybe 5 times.

I wish someone with english grammar knowledge above a 3rd grade level had checked this. I got tired of reading “her and I” so many times. It’s “she and I.” There were several other major errors, but this one slapped me hardest and most often.

I love this book, it's drove deep in my heart, and made note.

It was great !! I really enjoyed reading it. I loved the plot of the story. It’s a mixture of mystery and romance. I loved the characters. When I read the book description, I was not sure about reading it but now I am glad I read it. It was not what I was expecting. This author never disappoints !!

it's one thing to not like the genre, it's another to be a homophobic piece of shit. this is disgusting.

Pretty good book; the storyline has been overused so much but that’s okay. It’s still a very well written book; I loved the character Luke, he’s funny, confident and charismatic. The character I didn’t quite understand was Natalia; like is she a baddie? Or shy? I just didn’t get her. Overall 6/10