Urban Fantasy

Urban fantasy is a subset of contemporary fantasy, consisting of novels and stories with supernatural and/or magical elements set in contemporary, real-world, urban settings--as opposed to 'traditional' fantasy set in imaginary locations. 

Many urban fantasy novels are told via a first-person narrative, and feature supernatural beings such as vampires, shapeshifters, fairies, witches, sorcerers, and demons. Urban fantasy stories tend to have a high amount of suspense and action, and sometimes include mystery, romance, humor and/or horror in the plotline.

Urban Fantasy

To live, I must tempt the angels of death. A fae shouldn’t have to hide her power. But in the world of the Great Nightmare, magic makes me a target. I...
Covert Fae by C.N. Crawford

January 30, 2018

I am a Dragon God. Finally, I know what I am. A DragonGod. I’ve been gifted with the magic of the Viking gods. Except my new powers are devouring each...
Pursuit of Magic by Linsey Hall

January 10, 2018

Questions will be answered.
Trust will be rebuilt.
And the true threat to the world will be revealed.
The threat to the Four Horsemen and the world co...
Chaos by LJ Swallow

January 10, 2018

Abduction, genetic modification, and a nap that crossed decades is just the start for one of the first Volunteers to enter the Citadel, thirty years l...
Cracked Control by Viola Grace

January 2, 2018

“What kind of confession are you looking for, brother…?” Black disappears, leaving Miri alone in San Francisco mere days after they return from Bangko...
Black On Black by J.C. Andrijeski

December 21, 2017

Orphan. Runaway. Thief. Since the moment I was ripped from my mother’s womb, I’ve been an outcast amongst my own kind. The Sidhe might possess magical...
Gifted Thief by Helen Harper

December 21, 2017

It’s not easy pretending to be dead – especially when it feels as if you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Between an unfulfilled prophe...
Last Wish by Helen Harper

December 19, 2017

When the dead need to talk, Alex Craft is always ready to listen… As a Grave Witch, Alex solves murders by raising the dead—an ability that comes at a...
Grave Memory by Kalayna Price

December 18, 2017

The 27th Sienna Nealon Book and the earth-shattering finale to the Scotland Trilogy. Will Sienna ever be the same?
Nemesis by Robert J. Crane

December 17, 2017

I’ve got two choices. Join the Undercover Protectorate. Or die. In a world of controlled magic, I’m an Unknown. Deadly power, little control. I’m only...
Undercover Magix by Linsey Hall

December 16, 2017

I’ve got one chance to prove myself and earn my place. Against all odds, I’ve snagged myself a spot at the elite Undercover Protectorate. It’s basical...
Academy of Magic by Linsey Hall

December 14, 2017

Snow. Santa. Snuggles… Stress. You would think December would be Ivy’s ideal time of year. After all, festivities abound and witches everywhere are en...
Sparkle Witch by Helen Harper

December 8, 2017

Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea… Police Chief Delaney Reed is good at keeping secrets for the beach town of Ordinary Oregon–just ask th...
Devils and Details by Devon Monk

December 8, 2017

My name is Kaeleen Donovan. I’m a Theosian—a minor goddess. They call me Fury. By day, I run the Crossroads Cleaning Company, and I also read fortunes...
Fury Awakened by Yasmine Galenorn

November 17, 2017

No doctor could diagnose Will’s condition. Given an opportunity to be a part of a study at an institute that might give him answers, he moved to Portl...
Transfer by Jordan C. Robinson

November 9, 2017

Who is Vee? Where did she come from? And what is the darkness the fae can see inside her?Xander’s reaction to these questions drives a bigger wedge be...
Hunted by LJ Swallow

October 16, 2017

Save the dragons, save the magic. The world as we know it is at risk. My enemy Drakon plans to take all the world’s magic for himself, and he’s close ...
Forged in Magic by Linsey Hall

October 10, 2017

From princess to private detective. Exiled, stripped of her title and magic armor, former paranormal princess Terra Cross is living a new life as a pr...
Vampires & Vigilantes by Ella Summers

August 19, 2017

The fifth book and the exciting conclusion to bestselling author Kelley Armstrong’s “impossible-to-put-down” Cainsville series, in which she mixes har...
Rituals by Kelley Armstrong

August 16, 2017

For the love of all that is unholy, I really thought the demons of the world were smarter than to screw with me. But they’re doing it. Again. Catatoni...
Made In Hell by Celia Kyle

August 11, 2017