Winter’s Bride by Candace Wondrak

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Legend says every twenty-five years, Winter chooses a new bride.
Most believe it’s nothing more than a myth or a fairytale, but then Winter’s messenger comes to my village and chooses my sister as his next bride.
I never fit in, never belonged, so I decide to take her place and marry the god myself.
My family always said I was blessed by Summer himself, holding a warmth inside of me even during the coldest winter months. When I find out it’s true, that Summer had indeed been watching over me my entire life, things grow complicated.
Both Winter and Summer want me as their brides.
Choosing between them won’t be easy. In fact, it might just be impossible. How can you choose which half of your heart to follow?

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Table of Content

  • 1. Prologue – Winter
  • 2. Chapter One – Morana
  • 3. Chapter Two – Summer
  • 4. Chapter Three – Morana
  • 5. Chapter Four – Winter
  • 6. Chapter Five – Morana
  • 7. Chapter Six – Winter
  • 8. Chapter Seven – Summer
  • 9. Chapter Eight – Morana
  • 10. Chapter Nine – Summer
  • 11. Epilogue – Morana
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Hui Tran
Hui Tran

Short and sweet. I loved it.

Reply9 days ago
    aphile mdluli
    aphile mdluli

    Amazingly warm and cold. 😁An enchanting read that is short &sweet. A beautiful tale that is enjoyable and straight to the point.😍Loved it lots.♥️♥️♥️

    Reply22 days ago