Whispers of the Heart by Anita Therry

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An Omega with something to prove
Determined to save Camp Hartwood, Daniel Hart takes on the biggest challenge of his life—save the failing family business by renovating and repurposing the neglected grounds. However, he and his brother are under pressure to sell the land to developers. Not everyone has faith in the twin omegas, but Daniel intends to prove them wrong. When Daniel is injured in an accident, he is forced to rely on a figure from his past. Will Daniel be able to put aside his fears and trust enough to love?
The Alpha who always believed in him
When Jackson Weaver was hired to work on Camp Hartwood, he ended up with a bigger job than he bargained for. Daniel is hurt, and Jackson’s alpha instincts roar to the surface. As he takes care of Daniel, the love and passion between the alpha and the omega grows. Jackson finds out that he wants to do more than just rebuild the camp. He wants to build a family with Daniel, and after Daniel becomes pregnant, their wished come true.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Welcome to Hartwood Valley
  • 3. Daniel
  • 4. Jackson
  • 5. Daniel
  • 6. Jackson
  • 7. Daniel
  • 8. Jackson
  • 9. Daniel
  • 10. Jackson
  • 11. Daniel
  • 12. Epilogue
  • 13. Note from Anita
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