The Redemption of Nixon Thorne by T. Steele

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Ella Black
Quiet. Shy. Awkward.
I used to be that bright, fun girl everyone wanted to be friends with, before I had to carry this dark secret inside. The secret that no one knows. Now, I’m ruined. Nothing but ashes of the bubbly, young girl I used to be. I’ve been running from the past for the last four years, but college will be the perfect, fresh start that I need. Like pushing the reset button on my life. Or so I thought until I met Nixon Thorne.

Nixon Thorne
Ex-con. Streetfighter. Monster.
I thought starting at The University of Oregon would be a new beginning for me. Getting a chance at freedom, a taste of the real world again instead of the four cement walls of my prison cell.
That is, until Ella Black stumbled back into my life. She doesn’t remember the boy from high school, the one from the wrong side of the tracks—but I remember her, and I know what she’s hiding. My head tells me to stay away from her. She is the reason I went to prison, after all. But it still doesn’t stop me from wanting to protect her. From wanting to save her. From wanting her. Especially since I’m the only one who knows of the dark past she’s running from.

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