The Morning After by Raelee May Carpenter

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Can a one-night stand become a family? Matt Kelly, actor/comedian and Brisbane, Australia native, was raised the only child of a single mum but traveled halfway around the world to make it big in Hollywood.Molly Cooper, Michigan-born freelance journalist, comes from money but generally struggles to make ends meet somewhere even close to the middle. In spite of their differences, the two have been close friends ever since their respective careers crossed their lives’ paths several years ago.But this is The Morning After their Big Mistake. Now they are forced to reevaluate everything—not just in their relationship, but in their lives.Matt and Molly both work hard to navigate the pitfalls of their pasts and build a decent life for their new daughter, but with so much bad news behind them and over 2000 miles between them, is even God’s grace enough to write a better story?

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