The Crimes of Alice by Erin Bedford

Every story has a beginning. This one started with a girl named Alice.
Lewis was everything my mother wanted for me. Respectable. Wealthy. Not too handsome. Utterly perfect in every way. Then why did I run on our wedding day?
Returning to Wonderland wasn’t my intention, but now I’m finding out those things I thought were a dream are real. And they are so much more dangerous and delicious than I remembered.
Lost in Wonderland with the queen out for my head the last thing I’m worried about is getting back to my liar fiancé and the inhabitants are doing their best to tempt me to stay.

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  • File Namethe-crimes-of-alice-by-erin-bedford.epub
  • Original TitleThe Crimes of Alice: An Underground Prequel
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  • Languageen
  • IdentifierMOBI-ASIN:B07L9WF9VD
  • PublisherEmbrace the Fantasy Publishing, LLC
  • Date2018-12-10T16:00:00+00:00
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