Sugar Daddy by Sam Crescent

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After a run of bad luck, Elizabeth Walker is desperate to make some extra money. College is so important to her, and she won’t do anything to risk losing that. So, signing up to a Sugar Daddy website, where older, wealthy men find younger women, really is the only way to go. But no one seems interested in her as she’s a chubbier candidate—until lawyer Daniel Clark asks for a date.
Daniel is tired of women declaring undying love for him, when all they want is his bank balance. There’s only one love in his life, and that’s the law. Seeing Elizabeth’s picture, he wants her, no doubt about that, and he’s going to have her. Before he agrees to anything, he gives her his ground rules:
1) He’s in charge.
2) He’ll give her more pleasure than she’s ever had.
3) Under no circumstances is she to fall in love with him.
Can Elizabeth follow his rules? Will Daniel finally fall in love? Will Elizabeth walk away with a broken heart? They’re Daniel’s rules, but like he says, rules are made to be broken.

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