Spring Catch by Ava Pearl

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Sailing is my life.
My business partner enjoys the all-night parties and one-night-stands that come with living in a tourist community.
I avoid the Spring Break women at all costs.
Someday I’ll find love, but it won’t be with a woman here on vacation looking to leave her troubles behind.
Famous last words.
A casual evening jog on a private resort beach leads me directly into her arms.
I’m mesmerized.
And her name… the meaning behind it takes my breath away.
She’s meant to be mine, and I suddenly believe in soulmates.

A week on the beach is exactly what I need.
Away from the obligations of my family, and the begging of an ex-boyfriend cheater.
Leaving the country, I take my first airplane ride to my first dip in the ocean.
The Florida Keys are aglow with colors I’ve never experienced before, and I never want to leave.
When Asa and his dog jog by on the beach, I fall hard.
Asa opens my eyes to an entirely new world of sailing, rescuing marine life,
And true love.
I’m hooked.

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Table of Content

  • 1. ONE
  • 2. TWO
  • 3. THREE
  • 4. FOUR
  • 5. FIVE
  • 6. SIX
  • 7. SEVEN
  • 8. EIGHT
  • 9. NINE
  • 10. TEN
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