So Trashy by Kelley Harvey

It’s been years—five long years—five perfectly lovely, totally peaceful, absolutely delightful years since I last saw Hollywood’s bad boy Buck Wylder. And, the first time we meet up again, I’m filthy—dirt under my nails, leaves in my hair filthy—well, Aunt Delores’s flowerbeds weren’t going to weed themselves.
I tried being my normal cheerful self, and by that I mean that I told him to take a hike—in not so many kind words. If he’s sniffing around looking for more than a how do you do?, he’d have better luck with the heifer out in the barn.
When I was young, only he saw the real me—and I loved him for it.
But life has changed since our last…whatever-it-was.
He chased his dreams to Hollywood. I became a Marine.
Now Buck’s back, and he hasn’t changed a bit. He’s the same arrogant, infuriatingly attractive man who left.
But I’ve changed. And there’s no way I’m falling for him. No matter how irresistible he might be.
I thought I’d escaped my past, but when his fame drags me into the spotlight, the world sees the truth. And no one thinks I’m good enough for Buck Wylder.
I’m poor Loula Mae—daughter of a junkie and her no-good boyfriend. To them I’m just trashy.
Buck may be the bad boy next door, but he’s got nothing on the bad girl next door.

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