Secret Bay High Secrets by Blair Young

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Will a secret shatter their romance, before it even begins?

I always dreamed about what high school would be like. But now that I’m here at Secret Bay High, it’s a total nightmare! Everyone looks at me like I’m a freak. Between the gossip, and the stares, I just want to curl up and die. And the school year has only just begun…
The only good thing going for me is Damon. Sure, he used to be a bully, and he made my life hell. But now, he’s all grown up. For some reason, he seems so protective of me now… and it doesn’t hurt that he’s insanely hot. He’s so much more than I thought at first…

But even he can’t protect me from what is about to come.
You see, secrets are about to be revealed that I never knew… Everything is going change, and there isn’t anything Damon or I can do to stop it.

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