Search and Devour by B.A. Stretke

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“You have a connection a tenuous one, but you know him, and you can feel him even if you’ve not yet met. Reach out with your mind and find him.”

Keagan Hahn is on the run. After witnessing a crime, he bolted before they could catch him, and now he’s being hunted by terrifying creatures hellbent on his death. He can’t risk using his cards, he can’t go back to his apartment, all he has are the streets and dark corners where he can hide. He doesn’t know how long he can last. He doesn’t know anyone who can help him. He does know that if a Vampire wants you dead, they will find you and finish the job.

Sergio Donato is a Guard at the Hadden Coven. He’s been tasked by his friend Kash with helping him find one of the missing dancers from the Ruby Light. Once the horrors committed there had come to light, Master Hadden was determined that all wrongs be made right. That included finding the missing dancer. His partner had been tracked to Idaho, but no one knew where Keagan was. One night he had just vanished without a trace, and every day the search dragged on, a happy outcome became less and less likely. Sergio hadn’t thought much of the search, just another task he would complete for his master and his friend, but once he stepped foot in Keagan Hahn’s apartment, it all became clear. This man was his forever. Sergio will do anything to find him, he will march into hell itself to protect the gift that fate has given him.

Darkness is gathering in Pittsburgh, and nothing is as it seems.

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