Rook by Lena Bourne

I only ever loved one woman. I still love her, even though she left to get us breakfast one morning ten years ago and disappeared. I searched for her for months, but she was just gone. Most days it’s all a distant memory of what could’ve been, but I do think of her whenever I wake up next to a strange woman and wish it was her.

Then I see her on the sunny Mexico City street one random afternoon, and it’s like no time has passed at all. I still want to grab her and take her to my room, not let her dress for days. Just like it was back when we fell in love.

But she belongs to the cartel boss now. She’s out of my reach. Technically. I’m a calm man, nothing much gets me going. But Ines, she wakes the fire inside me, makes my blood run hot and has done since the day we met.
Now that I’ve finally found her, nothing and no one will keep me away from her ever again. Not even all of the Mexican cartel.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Prologue
  • 2. Epilogue
  • 5. Epilogue
  • 6. ADAM (of the Archers, Book 1)
  • 7. Epilogue
  • 8. His Whims, Book One
  • 9. His Needs, Book Two
  • 10. His Fears, Book Three
  • 11. His Rules, Book Four
  • 12. His Trust, Book Five
  • 13. His Past, Book Six
  • 14. His Secret, Book Seven
  • 15. His Fault, Book Eight
  • 16. His Pain, Book Nine
  • 17. His Love, Book Ten

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