Quick N’ Dirty by Aden Lowe

Jake, his brothers, and their dad are slowly starving, and drowning in a pile of dirty laundry since their grandmother’s death. They can’t give the Quick Ranch the future their grandmother wanted if they can’t even feed themselves. Sick of frozen pizzas and no clean shirts, Jake’s dad orders him to hire a housekeeper, and do it quick. He has no idea where to start and doesn’t have time on top of his ranch work, but the local minister has the perfect candidate. Jake hires Ande as soon as he hears her story, and vows to do anything, no matter how dirty, to keep her and her two small children safe. Now, he just has to hope he can keep his hands to himself and not ruin this for his family.

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  • Original TitleQuick N' Dirty (The Quick Ranch Book 1)
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