Pursuing Columba by Linzi Baxter

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Brooklyn has a superpower that has nothing to do with her mad skills at being the boss’s assistant. She can chase lovers away faster than she can find them. And all she has to do is open her geeky mouth and speak.

At work, she hides herself. She does her job. She makes everyone believe she’s as normal as normal can be. But at night? Well, that’s when the real Brooklyn comes out. She’s a total geek. She can out-Trivia the Trivia King. She can outlast most guys in on-line games. And she’s a pretty swell halfling rogue. She lives for the nights and weekends.

When it comes to men she’s given up all hope, until she meets this man who sweeps her off her feet. Literally. She went to the convenience store for binge-chips, planning do an all-nighter to prep for next-day raids when the most handsome man in tight jeans blew past her, knocking her on her butt.

It was lust at first sight, but as Brooklyn watched the motorcycle lights disappear in the night, she thought that was the last time she’d ever see this dark and mysterious man. That is until that very same man found her at work and informed her in front of all her “we believe you’re normal” coworkers that she was needed. They’re taking down a big, bad guy, and the way in is through the game she’s currently ruling. Oh, if only this could work. The game? Brooklyn was pretty confident she’ll win there. But could she possibly conquer more than the game? Only time will tell.

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  • Original Title:Pursuing Columba: Nova Satellite Security, Book 4
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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Contents
  • 3. Copyright
  • 4. 1. Brooklynn
  • 5. 2. Damien
  • 6. 3. Brooklynn
  • 7. 4. Damien
  • 8. 5. Brooklynn
  • 9. 6. Damien
  • 10. 7. Brooklynn
  • 11. 8. Brooklynn
  • 12. 9. Brooklynn
  • 13. 10. Damien
  • 14. 11. Damien
  • 15. 12. Brooklynn
  • 16. 13. Damien
  • 17. 14. Brooklynn
  • 18. 15. Damien
  • 19. 16. Brooklynn
  • 20. 17. Damien
  • 21. 18. Brooklynn
  • 22. Epilogue - Brooklynn
  • 24. Dangerous Rescue - Sneak Peek
  • 25. About the Author

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