Of Silver and Secrets by Sylvia Mercedes

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Tiffany Aching meets THE CRUEL PRINCE in this stand-alone romance about a human girl stolen away by a wicked fae king . . . and the young mage who will do anything to get her back.
Five years ago, Kellam left to study magic at the big city university. He promised he’d write every day.
He never did.
But Farryn isn’t about to sit around crying her eyes out over the stupid boy who was once her best friend. She’s got burgeoning magic of her own, and she’s eager to learn how to use it. Surely a witch like Mother Ulla will be the perfect teacher, right?
Mother Ulla is delighted to have an apprentice around to scrub floors, weed the garden, make meals, and wash her many strange witchly implements. But this apprenticeship is not what Farryn had in mind.
Frustrated, she begins to dabble in magic on her own . . . and accidentally attracts the attention of something living deep in Whispering Wood. Something ancient. And dangerous.
Now it — he — is coming for Farryn.
Will this young witch-in-training be clever enough to save herself from the terrible being she’s brought to her doorstep? Or will she need the help of the boy she has definitely not been pining for these last five years?

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Cora al
Cora al

misogynistic MC man, thumbs down

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