Miss Wiltham’s Rescue by Camille Oster

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Miss Celesta Wiltham, the beautiful new charge of Lord Vanhence, is out of Dominic Hartley’s league by miles. An heiress from one of England’s finest lineage, who’s set to make a grand introduction at King Charles’ court. But those attributes all place her in a position where the ruthless seek to prey on her—most of all her guardian.
To begin with, Miss Celesta Wiltham trusted the man tasked with guiding her through her introduction and subsequent marriage prospects, but increasingly he’s controlling her. Most of all, he steers her away from the only man interested in conversing with her, the handsome and articulate Dominic Hartley. The one person interested in her, rather than in the potential of acquiring her wealth.
Her excitement in arriving in London starts to give to the understanding of how vulnerable she is in this city where she knows no one, and her only friend is a man she barely knows.

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