Keep Her by Flora Burgos

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Devon has seen the trials and tribulations that his closest friends have gone through in their journey to a happily ever after and this happy go lucky country boy is determined not to repeat their mistakes. Fate has given him the woman meant to be his and there is no one that he is going to let stand in his way, least of all himself.
But Claire is battling her own demons. This isn’t the heartbreak her girls have gone through before her, not even close. She is haunted by a nightmarish past that she isn’t sure that she will ever outrun. With haunting memories nipping at her heels and a noose tightening around her neck every time her loved ones try to close ranks around her, she is close to conceding defeat and letting her past conquer her once and for all.
When another blow sends Claire into a freefall, she shatters. A ghost of herself. She completely falls apart and no one can get through to her. She has given up once and for all and unless he wants to lose it all, Devon must do everything in his power to Keep Her.

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