Holden by Ivy Carter

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Holden Quinn is a man that wants for nothing.

A gold Rolex on his wrist. A custom-tailored suit designed to highlight every single muscle. A different model each week, all clutching his arm with perfectly manicured nails and Botox smiles.
There is no way I could ever be with a man who is
a) way out of my league
b) richer than anyone I’ve ever met
c) would hate me on sight if he knew whose daughter I am.
But I’m mesmerized by the way Holden looks at me, like he could gobble me up in one wolfish bite. I’m mesmerized by thoughts of his mouth pressing against mine, how those taut muscles beneath his suit would feel against my naked skin.
He can be brooding and cold, then explode into violent rage when provoked. His unpredictability is an asset in his business, but makes it impossible for him to have any kind of stable romantic relationship.
He wakes up in cold sweats at night, coming out of horrific vivid nightmares where he sees violence played out over and over again. He still lives with the guilt of a horrible secret—a secret he’s never told another soul.
I want to get through to him, want to be the one to save him.
If he doesn’t reveal his demons, he’ll break my heart.
If he does, I might be too scared to stay.
Either way is a dead end.
Because when it comes right down to it, my heart knows the truth.

Holden Quinn is a cold, billionaire bastard. And that’s all he’ll ever be…

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  • 3. Want To Be In The Know?
  • 4. HOLDEN (Billionaire Bastards, Book Three) by Ivy Carter
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    • Epilogue
  • 5. Excerpt: The Billionaire and the Nanny (Book One) by Paige North
    • 1. Penelope
    • 2. Ethan
    • 3. Penelope
    • 4. Ethan
    • 5. Penelope
    • 6. Ethan
    • 7. Penelope
    • 8. Ethan
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