Her Stand-in Cowboy by Crystal Walton


When a wary farm girl takes on a big city chiropractor as her stand-in boyfriend, convincing her family they’re in love might be easier than convincing themselves they’re not.
There are certain things a single country mom learns to accept. Like the fact that she now shares a sacred bond of empathy with her dairy cow, that spit-up can reach places it never should be able to, and that a pretend relationship is far less complicated than one her southern mama insists on setting her up in. At least, it is when you have anyone’s luck besides Ainsley Jamison’s.
Only in Ainsley’s life would her imaginary decoy turn out to be a real-life city boy who is as hilariously wrong for her as he is persistent. With less than four weeks before her entire family shows up for Thanksgiving, they don’t have a cotton-picking prayer of turning Connor into a believable cowboy in time, let alone fix up her place while they’re at it.
Heaven knows Ainsley’s already maxed out her faith hoping she made the right choice raising her son there. But while praying she didn’t make a mistake taking on her daddy’s farm is one thing, praying she didn’t make one taking on Connor Allen is another entirely. One that’s about to turn everything in her life upside down.

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  • Original TitleHer Stand-in Cowboy (Her Stand-in Romance Book 1)
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Table of Content

  • 1. Her Stand-in Cowboy
  • 2. Contents
  • 3. Chapter One
  • 4. Chapter Two
  • 5. Chapter Three
  • 6. Chapter Four
  • 7. Chapter Five
  • 8. Chapter Six
  • 9. Chapter Seven
  • 10. Chapter Eight
  • 11. Chapter Nine
  • 12. Chapter Ten
  • 13. Chapter Eleven
  • 14. Chapter Twelve
  • 15. Chapter Thirteen
  • 16. Chapter Fourteen
  • 17. Chapter Fifteen
  • 18. Chapter Sixteen
  • 19. Chapter Seventeen
  • 20. Chapter Eighteen
  • 21. Chapter Nineteen
  • 22. Chapter Twenty
  • 23. Chapter Twenty-one
  • 24. Chapter Twenty-two
  • 25. Chapter Twenty-three
  • 26. Chapter Twenty-four
  • 27. Chapter Twenty-five
  • 28. Chapter Twenty-six
  • 29. Chapter Twenty-seven
  • 30. Chapter Twenty-eight
  • 31. Epilogue
  • 32. From the Author
  • 33. Connect with Crystal
  • 34. More Books by Crystal Walton
  • 35. About the Author
  • 36. Acknowledgements
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