Double Dirty Quarterbacks by Alexa Good

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A small town girl + two famous bad boy quarterbacks = more than she could have ever hoped for.

Zach and I have been sharing women since college. We’re both famous starting quarterbacks and the women can’t stay away from us.
Aly’s the girl the one girl from my hometown that I didn’t hook up. She was too stuck up then to mess around with me, the jock football star.
Now she’s in trouble, a lost small town girl in the big city, and I’m supposed to help her settle in. I’m going to do a lot more than that. She’s a real woman now, with real curves, and she can’t resist the two of us.

Colton and I are from the same hometown. I was too shy to ever talk to him. After all, he ruled the school and every girl wanted him. I still watch Colton’s games on TV…and I don’t watch them for the football. He still dominates my dreams.
Now Colton shows up at my door… my constant and secret crush is standing here in the flesh, looking hotter than ever. And he’s got his best friend with him. Two famous muscular quarterbacks who want me…at the same time.

The rumors are true. Colton and I like to share women. They simply can’t resist us.

 Aly took me completely by surprise. She’s the hottest woman I’ve ever seen, and she seems so innocent.
I just didn’t think this would turn into something so real so fast, something more intense than any of us could have imagined.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Double Dirty Quarterbacks
  • 2. Aly
  • 3. Colton
  • 4. Zach
  • 5. Final Play
  • 6. Olivia
  • 7. Jake
  • 8. About the Author
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K_ itten
K_ itten

I found very enjoyable.... someone sure likes the word “jovial” 😉

Reply11 days ago
    Connie Sims
    Connie Sims

    Didn't like this one, hated the way Zach's went behind Colton there, his supposedly best friend, nothing but man whore atts n selfishness. Zach's words and attitudes just straight up wrong for me #dropped.

    Replya year ago