Changed by E.M. Leya

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After finding out about the existence of shifters, Mark is forced to choose either death or to become one of them. It’s an easy decision. He wants to live. But becoming a wolf isn’t easy, especially when the man helping you through the change almost died because of your earlier actions.
Tavish has everything he could ever want in his life except his mate. It’s the one thing that he’s longed for, always searching for the scent of the wolf who is meant to be his other half. The last thing he expects when he comes home for a few weeks of relaxation with his twin brother is to find his mate living in the house.
Becoming a wolf is hard enough, but having a mate is more than Mark can handle. He refuses the mating bond, but can’t deny the pull between them.
When Mark’s past comes back to haunt him, it’s Tavish he leans on, allowing him to fight by his side as he starts to move forward, leaving the past behind and working toward building a future together.

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