Captive Princess by Winter Sloane

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Can she forgive the man responsible for the murder of her entire family?

Eve Valentin knows she’s no man’s first choice. Chubby and plain, her only saving grace is the Valentin crime family name, but Eve soon learns that being a mafia princess is dangerous. Eve’s always known she’s flawed, that its wrong to love a killer without a conscience, But she’s also certain that Vadim will never let her go.

Some say certain sins can’t be forgiven. Vadim Solonik knows that better than anyone. He’s put far too many men in the ground to seek redemption but there’s only one prize he’s always coveted. Ever since Eve Valentin walked into his life, he’s become a man obsessed. Vadim will pretend to be her enemy, to be the bastard everyone says he is, but in the end, she’ll be his in every way.

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Connie Sims
Connie Sims

a very short hot one... thankyou...

Reply10 months ago