Billionaire Bodyguard by Sasha Gold

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I’ve been kidnapped by a madman.
Damon Savage claims he’s protecting me, that he’s my bodyguard. I don’t believe a word. He’s wild and definitely dangerous.

He insists on taking me to a gala. How could I resist? I’ve never gone on a real date, let alone been around a man like Damon. He’s six-foot-six of power and seduction. The gala was to be a night of silk and champagne, soft music and dancing. One night with an insanely gorgeous man clad in a tuxedo.

So I agreed. Big mistake.
The night ended with a quick exit in a stolen Lamborghini. A six million-dollar car he casually pushed past 120. Now, I’m somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. I’m being held captive in a million dollar man-cave with an immense, brooding beast of a man.
He’s wicked, terrible and more impossible to resist with every passing moment…

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