Anointed by Charity B.

The last time I saw her, she was marked with blood.
Now she’s returned, along with my temptation.
Our touch is blasphemous.
They say she’s tainted, but they will not speak against me.
His holy blood is in my veins and my word is truth.
I’m the fucking Prophet.

Laurel Ann
For twelve years, I fought for my soul in this evil world.
Until my God sent him.
My oldest friend. The only boy I ever loved.
What we’re doing risks everything, yet we can’t stop.
When I sin with him, it’s the purest I’ve ever felt.
I lived half my life with the Philistines and I know what they call us.
Cult. Freaks. Fanatics.
But they’re wrong. We aren’t any of those things.
For we are the Anointed.

***This is a full length, standalone novel containing disturbing scenes and sensitive subject matter that may be triggering to some readers.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Copyright
  • 3. Table of Contents
  • 4. Author’s Note
  • 5. Dedication
  • 6. Epigraph
  • 7. 1: Blood of Innocence
  • 8. 2: Soul Cleansing Ritual
  • 9. 3: A Blessed Gift
  • 10. 4: The Prophet’s Son
  • 11. 5: Time of Questioning
  • 12. 6: Box of Repentance
  • 13. 7: Day of Rest
  • 14. 8: The Binding Ceremony
  • 15. 9: Marked with Blood
  • 16. 10: White and Yellow Flowers
  • 17. 11: Friends with a Philistine
  • 18. 12: The Johnson Barn
  • 19. 13: Sins of the Father
  • 20. 14: The New Prophet
  • 21. 15: Sturgis Countryside Meats
  • 22. 16: Two Worlds Collide
  • 23. 17: Changed by Time
  • 24. 18: Personal Cleansing Ritual
  • 25. 19: Baked with Evil
  • 26. 20: A Final Farewell
  • 27. 21: The Prodigal Daughter
  • 28. 22: Speaking with Zaaron
  • 29. 23: Gathering of the Anointed
  • 30. 24: Written on Skin
  • 31. 25: Lies Beget Lies
  • 32. 26: The Binding Plan
  • 33. 27: Benji Johnson’s Bride
  • 34. 28: The Holy Philistine
  • 35. 29: Sealed with Thread
  • 36. 30: The Prophet’s Choice
  • 37. 31: Fitch Brother Three
  • 38. 32: Trials and Tribulations
  • 39. 33: Our Own Wings
  • 40. Anointed Playlist
  • 41. Help lines and Websites
  • 42. Acknowledgements
  • 43. Books by Charity B.
  • 44. About the Author
charity bailey
charity bailey · a few seconds ago

Thanks for stealing my work. I worked my ass off on this and it's only a few dollars on Amazon. This is how I take care of my family. I worked almost for a year on this. I don't know how you got his file, but I truly hope someone steals something that you put your heart and soul and hundreds of hours into so you know how bad this stings.

Robin Craig
Robin Craig · a few seconds ago

Whoever did this is a thief and whoever downloads this is a thief! How would you feel if your hard work, creative thoughts and ideas were stolen? DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK! Go buy it on Amazon for a reasonable price and support indie authors.

Robin Craig
Robin Craig · a few seconds ago

Here is the Amazon link so you can support a hard working indie author!

Charity Rabbiosi
Charity Rabbiosi · a few seconds ago

Mason epub, I suggest taking your pirated work down before Charity's lawyer serves you with copyright infractions. This is highly illegal.

Jen Y
Jen Y · a few seconds ago

Hated it. I wonder why they keep doing this same storyline over and over.

S S · a few seconds ago


charity bailey
charity bailey · a few seconds ago

Jen Y I am SO happy you hated it!! Maybe you won't steal from me anymore.

Jen Y
Jen Y · a few seconds ago

Don't care.

Jen Y
Jen Y · a few seconds ago

There are hundreds of e-books being churned out daily and, if you take a look at this site, you can there's a wide variance in quality. Why should I pay 2.99 to read a book that reads like it was written by an 11 year old, never saw an editor's desk, with its review age stuffed with fake ARC reviews from friends? Here, I can check out a couple chapters and then decide if I want to pay for the book. Instead of crying about people stealing your work, I'm more concerned about having my money stolen to support monotonous, pendantic stories I've read at least 6 times all ready. Good luck with your career.

Hailie B
Hailie B · a few seconds ago

Amen & pass the biscuits! Some people smoke, some people get Starbucks; I buy e-books. On average, 20 a month but I can go as high as 40, if I'm in the mood. Of 20 books, maybe. maybe 3 will be actual worthwhile. I don't mean, 'oh, I don't like the story'; I mean, correct spelling & grammar, not broken english, not 50% book previews for other stories. If I find an author I like, I will gladly support them. But I'm tired of paying to get ripped off. Look up Richa Resa on this site and see what I am talking about; her books look good, the first chapters are professional and then bam! broken English and terrible errors.

charity bailey
charity bailey · a few seconds ago

Guess who else lets you read a couple chapters to see if you like the book? Amazon. But I understand your hesitancy since I sent you actually have to pay for the book there.

nilo valentine
nilo valentine · a few seconds ago

this is very long story , it has everything inside it , about cult, sister wives,19 childrens and counting it is like watching tlc by reading a book .

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