With a Wolf’s Support by Charlie Richards


After being woken by a phone call in the middle of the night by his alpha, Leopold Caldwell heads to San Francisco. Alpha Declan requests his services in creating an identity for a rescued human whore. What Leo finds when he gets there is a scared young human who is completely overwhelmed by his new reality. Oh, and he happens to be Leo’s mate. Even as he’s ecstatic to meet Jerry, the other half of his soul, Leo recognizes the hurdles they’re facing. Not only is Jerry struggling to accept the existence of shifters, but there are also still people after him…people who seem bent on establishing possession of Jerry. After a close call where Jerry is nearly kidnapped, Leo decides it’s time for a change of scenery. He takes him back to Stone Ridge and a secluded cabin owned by his family line. Unfortunately, trouble follows. Can Leo use his quick wit swiftly enough to save not only Jerry but his own future as well?

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  • Original TitleWith a Wolf’s Support
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  • IdentifierISBN:9781487424329
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  • SubjectWolves of Stone Ridge,Adult,Erotic Romance,Gay,GLBT,Paranormal,Shapeshifter
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Table of Content

  • 1. Dedication
  • 2. Chapter One
  • 3. Chapter Two
  • 4. Chapter Three
  • 5. Chapter Four
  • 6. Chapter Five
  • 7. Chapter Six
  • 8. Chapter Seven
  • 9. Chapter Eight
  • 10. Chapter Nine
  • 11. Chapter Ten
  • 12. Chapter Eleven
  • 13. Chapter Twelve
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  • 15. About the Author

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