Wish by Deborah Bladon

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My twenty-fifth birthday was just like the twenty-four before it.
I stood next to my identical twin sister as we blew out the candles on our shared birthday cake.
She wished for a healthy new baby to add to the family she already has with her husband.
I wished for my parents to stop asking me why I wasn’t more like my twin.
When I get back to Manhattan after my birthday trip, a surprise is waiting for me.
A tall, gorgeous, tattooed stranger is in my apartment.
Did I mention he’s naked?
He says it’s not a big deal. I say it is a BIG deal, if you know what I mean.
I assume he’s here to see my roommate, but apparently I’m wrong since she left town while I was away.
Sebastian Wolf is my new roommate.
I’m tempted to throw him out after the first day, but I agree to give him another chance.
When I start to wish for more, I discover that my new roommate isn’t the man I thought he was.

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