Winter by Michelle Love

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When two handsome identical twin brothers, RAFFAELO and TOMMASO WINTER, move to her little corner of the Pacific Northwest, beautiful local businesswoman INCA SARDEE has no idea that when she meets them, her life will be changed forever.
Raised in Italy by their Italian mother, but heirs to the billion-dollar fortune their American property magnate father had built, the two brothers could not be more different. Tommaso is friendly and outgoing, while Raffaelo is a distant, brooding bad-boy who keeps himself to himself.

Soon Inca finds herself caught between a sibling rivalry as both brothers stake their claims for her heart and her body and, despite her history, she begins a romance affair with one of them.
When people begin to die, however, the entire scene changes. And when a family member is found dead, Inca begins to wonder if the two brothers have brought more than just their good looks and wealth to the small town she calls her home…

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Table of Content

  • 1. Winter Extended Epilogue
  • 2. FREE GIFT
  • 3. Winter
  • 4. Snowfall #1
  • 5. Icestorm #2
  • 6. Whiteout #3
  • 7. Snowbound #4
  • 8. Hot Nights in Sturgis
  • 9. Lucky Series
  • 10. Secrets Series
  • 11. The Intern Installment
  • 12. Focus
  • 13. Bonus Story Unforeseen Treasure
  • 14. Secluded
  • 15. About the Author
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