When A Stranger Calls by Kathleen Long

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It’s been seventeen years since Lindsey Tarlington’s mother disappeared and was presumed dead, her suspected killer dying in jail. When Lindsey receives an anonymous package containing a photocopy of her mother’s driver’s license, she’s forced to face the tragedy she thought buried years before.
It’s been sixteen years since Matt Alessandro’s father perished in a jail yard brawl after being wrongly convicted for the murder. When Matt learns of Lindsey’s late-night delivery, he searches her out, believing she holds the key to the true killer’s identity.
He wants to clear his father’s name. She wants to learn the truth about the night her mother died. And as their undeniable attraction grows, both fight it. Matt, because he’s waited too long to find the actual murderer. Lindsey, because she still believes he’s a murderer’s son.
When threats against Lindsey escalate, Matt realizes proving his father’s innocence may not be all that’s at stake. Lindsey realizes Matt is the only person that believes her story, yet can she trust him? They join forces to unravel the mystery, but will they uncover the truth before a stranger calls…again

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