Waiting for Him by Stormy Glenn

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Clarke: Officer Lyn Philips was too young for me, too inexperienced, and too naive for the things I wanted to do to him. Staying away from him was imperative, but it might take more control than I possessed. When Lyn is threatened, all bets are off.

Lyn: The man I wanted to create a life with didn’t want that life, or me. After waiting an eternity for Sgt. Victor Clarke to make up his mind whether he wanted me or not, I decided to create the life I wanted, even if the man I was in love with wasn’t going to be in it.

When the carefully constructed life I had created was threatened, I had no choice but to call in the SWAT team, even if it meant letting Clarke back into my world. I just hoped I could let him go when the time came, because I knew it would. Clarke had made it more than clear that he didn’t want me and nothing would change that, not even a threat on my life.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page Content
    • Prologue
    • Chapter One
    • Chapter Two
    • Chapter Three
    • Chapter Four
    • Chapter Five
    • Chapter Six
    • Chapter Seven
    • Chapter Eight
    • Chapter Nine
    • Chapter Ten
    • Chapter Eleven
    • Chapter Twelve
    • Chapter Thirteen
    • Chapter Fourteen
    • Chapter Fifteen
    • Chapter Sixteen
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