Viktor by Ava Bloom

He will stop at nothing to get what he wants.
But I’ll never let him break me.
Viktor Orlov, he is the owner of the largest casino here on the Gold Coast. He’s a powerful man who’s family has deep ties to the Russian Mafia.
They run this city.
The Gold Coast is like Australia’s Las Vegas. Big casinos, huge nightclubs, giant amusement parks, dining, surfing, anything you can imagine.…if you have the money.
I first met Viktor when his daughter was rushed into Emergency here at the hospital. I was her doctor, so I got to know them both quite well during her time here.
Shortly after her release, my phone rang. It was Viktor.
He said that Maria was in trouble again and he pleaded for my help.
I had a bad feeling about that call, but my gut instinct told me to go to her anyway.
I never should have listened to my gut.
By the time I knew something was up, it was already too late.
Now I’ve been stuffed in the trunk of a car and am being driven out to god knows where in the middle of the night.
What does he plan on doing to me?
Is he just going to have his way with me then bury me out in the desert?
This couldn’t possibly end well.

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