Using the Biker by Sam Crescent


After finally getting a divorce from her cheating ex, Jo is not ready to start a relationship, so when her best friend introduces her to the president of the MC club in town, she’s not interested in anything serious. But there’s no denying the attraction she feels toward him.
Doc uses women. He has no reason to have them in his life other than to fuck them. The moment he sees Jo, he wants her, and what’s more, he knows she wants him.
There’s no one stopping them from having a bit of fun, pure fucking, nothing complicated. But Doc’s not used to enjoying a woman’s company. Jo doesn’t take any shit, and before long, he wants to keep her all to himself.
For Jo, she’s terrified. She’s pregnant with the biker’s baby, but how can she tell him? This was about using each other, not about commitment. Is there any chance they can find love and not just for the sake of the baby?

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  • Original TitleUsing the Biker (Curvy Women Wanted Book 16)
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