Unsettled by A.J. Wolf

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Three little butterflies swirling around my head.
Two little butterflies landing in my hand.
One little butterfly, blood, blood, red.
What a pretty, pretty, butterfly, so unlike the rest.
I rather like this little butterfly, like its pretty wings.
Maybe I’ll rub its dust away and listen to it sing.
What a pretty, pretty, butterfly, one I think I’ll keep.
What a pretty, pretty, butterfly, one made just for me.

Unsettled is a psychological thriller & romantic suspense with themes that some may find triggering. Please read at your own discretion.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Contents
  • 2. Chapter One - Butterfly Kisses
  • 3. Chapter Two - Hadley
  • 4. Chapter Three - Butterfly Kisses
  • 5. Chapter Four - Hadley
  • 6. Chapter Five - Butterfly Kisses
  • 7. Chapter Six - Hadley
  • 8. Chapter Seven - Butterfly Kisses
  • 9. Chapter Eight - Hadley
  • 10. Chapter Nine - Butterfly Kisses
  • 11. Chapter Ten - Hadley
  • 12. Chapter Eleven - Butterfly Kisses
  • 13. Chapter Twelve - Hadley
  • 14. Chapter Thirteen - Butterfly Kisses
  • 15. Chapter Fourteen - Hadley
  • 16. Chapter Fifteen - Butterfly Kisses
  • 17. Chapter Sixteen - Hadley
  • 18. Chapter Seventeen - Hadley
  • 19. Chapter Eighteen - Hadley
  • 20. Chapter Nineteen - Hadley
  • 21. More from AJ
  • 22. AJ Wolf

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nilo valentine
nilo valentine

this books is not about dark romance erotica , it is about suspense and a bit of criminal minds. well it is 280 pages , written very well but by chapter 10 i could guess the ending of this book .

Reply4 months ago
    Rose Zp
    Rose Zp

    it is well written and I liked it. h guessed the twist about halfway in so the twist itself didn't really shock me but I likes the execution of it. overall it was pretty good.

    Reply6 months ago
      Undying Briar
      Undying Briar

      This book was so good. I was so shocked with the ending but i loved it

      Reply9 months ago
        Undying Briar
        Undying Briar

        This book is literally soo good. I was so shocked with the ending but i freaking loved it

        Reply9 months ago
          Quinn S
          Quinn S

          Wow, I feel like I just got mindf*****. Dark, twisted, evil and so good.

          Reply10 months ago
            Boo Kie
            Boo Kie

            OMG thank you very very much. You are the best. Pleaaaaase consider bloody business series as well pleaaaaase ...

            Reply10 months ago