Unnecessary Roughness by Alison Hendricks


Three years ago, the high school rivalry I had with Nate Vincent kept me at the top of my game. But then I made one stupid mistake, and both of our promising careers took a nosedive because of it. Now the only school that will let me play is the same one Nate landed at: the ESC Mavericks.
I want to make amends, but the second Nate sees me, that old rivalry flares to life. Only this time, it burns off the field, too. All of the confused teenage feelings I had for Nate come back with a vengeance, and the tension crackles between us until we inevitably take our competition to the next level: the bedroom.
At first, it’s just about screwing each other senseless and gaining the upper hand. But as the walls come down, I start to see who Nate really is–and how my actions changed him. I know I’m falling for him, but can he ever love the guy who ruined his life?

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Table of Content

  • 1. Epilogue
  • 2. Nate
  • 3. Owen
  • 4. Thank You For Reading
  • 5. Also by Alison Hendricks
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