Underestimated by Jettie Woodruff

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Morgan starts her life in a bad situation, she doesn’t really know what she wants out of life. She’s never had anyone to look up to or help guide her in the right direction. She had it rough and never dreamed that it could get worse. However, she finds that it can and it does.

She learns what real hell is when she meets the husband that she doesn’t want to marry but isn’t given a choice.

Can she escape? She can and does, only to wake up and find herself right back at square one.

Warning! This is not your everyday fall in love romance. This book contains disturbing situations, strong language, graphic, sexual content – some forced, some not. If it’s a happily ever after love story that you are looking for, you should probably move on. If you are up for the ride, stick around and it may just turn into a love story after all.

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Kara Reinhart
Kara Reinhart

Hey can you add I Pick You by Jettie woodruff

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