Two Heads Are Behdder by Jeanette Lynn

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I’m going on a blind date with an alien.

It’s not as strange as it sounds. Some might even say I was the alien in this situation, seeing as this human was the interloper on this planet, one of many a species that comes through The Port. Blue Planeter habits die hard, I suppose.
The real surprise of the evening was the third wheel I began to feel like as I met my date. Dates…?

He- they- Have two heads. Two males at odds, dual personalities the exact opposite in nature, in one body.

I’m always saying it could be worse, or weird, or… I’m not quite sure what tops constantly bickering conjoined two headed alien man- men? but I’m sure if this evening proves anything, I’m about to find out.

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Garah Lund
Garah Lund

Not bad. Kinda interesting just got long 😣

Reply3 days ago