Traces of Her by C.M. Radcliff


I am a ghost,
a captive stripped of my own identity.
I’ve lived in solitude in the depths of hell until the devil appeared, pulling me out of the darkness and shoving me into the arms of my new prison.
But sometimes a prison becomes a home.
And sometimes that home is within the heart of a man.

I have a debt to pay and my brother’s collecting.
He makes the messes and I deal with the aftermath. Only this time, he went too far and took something that wasn’t his and now it’s my problem.
She’s a liability and the last thing I need.
She’s an enigma and she’s everything I need.

Our separate hells brought us together.
Our personal inferno molded us into one.
The devil reappeared and tore us apart.
I will turn this world upside down until I find her.

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nilo valentine
nilo valentine · 6 months ago

Two tortured souls meet to melt as one. this story dark romance story , written very well , with short chapters and multiple plot lines.

Queen Of Kings
Queen Of Kings · 2 months ago

I loved this book! Death is by far my favorite from this author. And get this, it's not even a romance. FML This book though is interesting from start to finish.

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