To Handle A Hellcat by Jane Cousins

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Darcy Montgomery, Spider Mage and sociopath with well intentioned homicidal tendencies, has a lot on her plate. As Special Liaison it is her job to protect and defend the inhabitants of the Southern Sanctuary, by any means necessary. Juggling multiple crises is her forte, but this hellish week is proving more challenging than most.
There’s something up with Hadleigh and Gaia’s babies. An Incubus is missing. A posse of Priestesses have just arrived in search of their Love God. And most annoying of all, she is saddled with Apprentice Enforcer, Declan Benavidez, babe magnet extraordinaire. Who appears determined to prove that Darcy isn’t as immune to his charms as she thinks she is.

Declan Benavidez has an annoying Pagan Love God living in his head. But he’s never let that fact get in the way of going after what he wants. Pursuing his goal of becoming a Southern Sanctuary Enforcer. And loving ornery Darcy Montgomery.
And finally it looks like all his dreams might come true. He just needs to avoid a posse of determined Priestesses. Oust the Love God from his head. Find that missing Incubus, passing his final test to become an Enforcer. And win Darcy’s heart. All without her killing him when she discovers that he was the one who magically marked her, claiming her.
His mission is greenlit, it’s time – To Handle a Hellcat.

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