Three for Julie by Alaska Angelini

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Julie Reynolds has never had an easy life. Having distant parents, going through an ugly divorce, to fighting her current drinking problem, Julie only wants to start over and be happy.
When she starts receiving threatening packages from an unknown source, her life quickly takes a turn for the worse. As a lawyer, she’s had her fair share of threats, but Julie doesn’t hesitate to go to the chief of police once her stalker shows proof that he’s been inside her home.
Protected by her three mates, Taylor, Aston, and Londyn, the foursome try to discover who would want to harm Julie. But can they protect her from clues they can’t decipher? Or will Julie’s killer have the last laugh by causing her death?
Reborn in the paranormal world, Julie’s hunt for her killer is only beginning. Will she be able to put a stop to this killer’s agenda, or will her past continue to come back to haunt her?
Previously published under Jennifer Salaiz by Siren Publishing.

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