Thirst by Addison Cain

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Smooth as chocolate, like the tickle of champagne bubbles bursting on your tongue. Twisted as your sheets after a wild night. Deceptive as that first kiss from a bad man. Dark, dangerous, and wild!

Will you blush as you read? Oh yes.
Will there be heat? More than you might handle.
Will there be tentacles? But of course…

THIRST is a dark fantasy, sci-fi novella thriller that just might drink you down. Parts of this novella were previous published as Tentacle Warrior’s Captive.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Contents
  • 2. Chapter One
  • 3. Chapter Two
  • 4. Chapter Three
  • 5. Chapter Four
  • 6. Epilogue
  • 7. SNEAK PEAK!
  • 9. Addison Cain
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Sasha M
Sasha M

Not sure of I enjoyed it. Still trying to get my head around the whole tentacles thing and spawn.

Reply5 months ago
    Woodie L
    Woodie L

    Not a genre I usually read but this story was a good kinda weird.

    Reply6 months ago
      Susan Hilditch
      Susan Hilditch

      I liked it... :) bitter sweet ending and not too long.

      Reply6 months ago
        nilo valentine
        nilo valentine

        short story about alien and fantasy erotic story but not very good one

        Reply6 months ago