The Viscount’s Revenge by Regina Darcy

The London season is turned scandalous by the development of a love triangle between Lady Henrietta Vaught, Lord Trenton and the Viscount of Stockington. The arrival of innocent Christiana James ups the stakes. She is a quintessential English beauty with her sight set on the Viscount. To win the man who already owns her heart she must agree to a dastardly plan that might just land her in a hot mess. In their pursuit for happiness (or in the Viscount’s case revenge for a bruised heart), they might just find love along the way.

Book Details

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  • Original TitleThe Viscount’s Revenge (Regency Tales Book 23)
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  • PublisherClean and Wholesome Romance
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Table of Content

  • 1. ONE
  • 2. TWO
  • 3. THREE
  • 4. FOUR
  • 5. FIVE
  • 6. SIX
  • 7. SEVEN
  • 8. EIGHT
  • 9. NINE
  • 10. TEN
  • 11. EPILOGUE
  • 13. KEEP IN TOUCH!

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