The Stygian Crown by Sara Sellers

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The highly anticipated sequel to Sanguine and Stygian, a dark fantasy romance continuing Kara and Logan’s story as they go from battlefield to ballroom in an effort to hunt down the elusive leader of the Sanguine Riders before it’s too late. Passions will burn and secrets will be revealed in the glittering palace of seven spires.

Kara McKenna. Farrier, mercenary, spy.
After accepting a royal contract to identify Sanguine assassins targeting the princess of the realm, Kara goes undercover at court disguised as a noblewoman. But all is not as it seems in Lerathil’s marbled halls, and as long-buried secrets are unearthed within, Kara grows a target of her own.

Separated from Logan, Kara’s left to navigate the court’s treacherous smiles by herself. When he returns—and the cunning princess Kara is tasked to protect comes between them—Kara is pushed to the brink. She resorts to dark blood magic to sate her curse, cutting herself off from her powers in the process.

But Lerathil is a dangerous place to lower one’s guard, and the results of her dark bargain threaten to change the landscape of Teleria forever.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Description
  • 3. Copyright
  • 4. Dedication
  • 5. Also by Sara Sellers
  • 6. Map
  • 7. Table of Contents
  • 8. Prologue
  • 9. Chapter One
  • 10. Chapter Two
  • 11. Chapter Three
  • 12. Chapter Four
  • 13. Chapter Five
  • 14. Chapter Six
  • 15. Chapter Seven
  • 16. Chapter Eight
  • 17. Chapter Nine
  • 18. Chapter Ten
  • 19. Chapter Eleven
  • 20. Chapter Twelve
  • 21. Chapter Thirteen
  • 22. Chapter Fourteen
  • 23. Chapter Fifteen
  • 24. Chapter Sixteen
  • 25. Free Bonus Content
  • 26. Coming Soon
  • 27. ARC and Beta Team
  • 28. Acknowledgments
  • 29. About the Author

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Jill Woods

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