The Stranger by Abigail Barnette

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Six years before Neil Elwood became Sophie Scaife’s boss—and Dom—she knew him as Leif, the charming stranger in the Los Angeles International Airport, and the man who would change her life forever…

Fresh from the class of 2007, eighteen-year-old Sophie Scaife is ready to throw her carefully planned future to the wind and chase her dreams all the way to Tokyo. When her flight is canceled and a handsome stranger offers her a night of no-strings-attached pleasure, Sophie finds herself on a much different adventure than she’d expected.

With his commanding sexual presence and deviously filthy mind, Leif is the perfect man to teach Sophie everything that’s been missing with other lovers. But while Sophie can trust him with her body, she’s not sure he’s all that he claims to be…and their night of passion could change everything.

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Copyright Page
  • 3. Copyright Page
  • 4. Chapter One
  • 5. Chapter Two
  • 6. Chapter Three
  • 7. Chapter Four
  • 8. Chapter Five
  • 9. Chapter Six
  • 10. Chapter Seven
  • 11. Coming Soon | THE SISTER | Autumn 2017
  • 12. Also by Abigail Barnette
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