The Mermaid’s Kiss by Darlene Kuncytes


Marissa never really felt a part of her people. She loved her ocean home, but always seemed to long for…something more.
When she falls upon a group a rogue Mermen viciously beating a landwalker – her pure heart kicks in and she goes against the merpeople’s beliefs, and intervenes.
She never could have imagined the force of nature she decides to help.
Chase Bastaine is a formidable leader of his dragon clan. Strong, powerful he has been searching for this very group, and the fact that they actually got the jump on him, puts the Dragon leader in a thoroughly foul mood.
Unfortunately, it’s Marissa who is on the receiving end of his anger.
Can this mermaid tame this dragon long enough to help him find the men he is searching for? Or will they drown in the emotions that are bubbling up around them?
Hold your breath and dive into passion and fun!

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  • Original TitleThe Mermaid's Kiss
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Table of Content

  • 1. Works by Darlene Kuncytes
  • 2. Dedication
  • 3. Acknowledgments
  • 4. Chapter One
  • 5. Chapter Two
  • 6. Chapter Three
  • 7. Chapter Four
  • 8. Chapter Five
  • 9. Chapter Six
  • 10. About the Author

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