The Lord’s Loving Scheme by Lisa Campell

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He ruined her reputation to save her heart…
Violet still remembers her first kiss with her childhood friend. Now a young lady, and a coveted debutante, she must find it in her heart to marry someone else, someone her parents would approve. For Andrew is but a mere second son.
And her father wishes for titles.
Andrew’s heart has always belonged to Violet, even though he knows their love could never be. Discovering she is destined to marry his own brother is the one thing he can’t live with; the only thing he can’t allow. Now, he must find a way to appear as an even better match.
And so he does.
Marring her reputation, he is welcomed as the only gentleman that would save her from scandal. Yet while the passion between him and Violet grows, their marital happiness is threatened. For his secret can’t be kept in the dark for long.
Will Violet ever forgive him for ruining her life just to make her his?
He’d do anything to make her his; even destroy her…

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Table of Content

  • 1. Title Page
  • 2. Contents
  • 3. Thank you
  • 4. About the book
  • 5. Prologue
  • 6. Chapter 1
  • 7. Chapter 2
  • 8. Chapter 3
  • 9. Chapter 4
  • 10. Chapter 5
  • 11. Chapter 6
  • 12. Chapter 7
  • 13. Chapter 8
  • 14. Chapter 9
  • 15. Chapter 10
  • 16. Chapter 11
  • 17. Chapter 12
  • 18. Chapter 13
  • 19. Chapter 14
  • 20. Chapter 15
  • 21. Chapter 16
  • 22. Chapter 17
  • 23. Chapter 18
  • 24. Chapter 19
  • 25. Chapter 20
  • 26. Chapter 21
  • 27. Chapter 22
  • 28. Chapter 23
  • 29. Chapter 24
  • 30. Chapter 25
  • 31. Chapter 26
  • 32. Chapter 27
  • 33. Chapter 28
  • 34. Epilogue
  • 35. Extended Epilogue
  • 36. Afterword
  • 37. Do you want more Romance?
  • 38. The Earl's Winter Kiss
    • Chapter 1
    • Chapter 2
    • Chapter 3
    • Chapter 4
    • Chapter 5
    • Do you want to read more?
  • 39. Never miss a thing
  • 40. Thank you
  • 41. About the Author

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Kiley O
Kiley O

The Lord’s Loving Scheme was about Lady Violet Hamilton, daughter of the Earl of Wiltshire, and Lord Andrew Weston, second son to the Marquess of Rembrall. Violet's parents felt it was time for her to marry and were determined that she marry someone with a title...which omitted Andrew. However, both their fathers were forcing Violet to become betrothed to Andrew's brother, Lord John Weston, the Earl of Walden, much to Andrew's horror, for he had been in love with Violet since before his Eton days. As both fathers kept pressing for courtship and marriage between John and Violet, Andrew was beginning to see just how ill-suited the two were, especially as John's manners towards Violet were more and more atrocious. When a very drunk John informed Andrew and his friend, Henry, that marriage to Violet would not stop his over-abundant visits to brothels and that, if she refused his conjugal visits he wouldn't be above forcing her, Andrew became determined to do anything in his power to stop the engagement...even marring her spotless reputation. However, when it finally came down to doing so, Andrew was unprepared for just how badly his actions would affect Violet in the eyes of Society but, once the horse had left the stall, there was no going back. He could only hope that maybe she could forgive him if she ever found out he was the one who had caused her downfall. Andrew approached her father with the offer to marry Violet to save her and the family, which they accepted. With Society shunning her, and her family, very few people attended the wedding, and even fewer remained friends with Violet. On the day that he and Violet wed, Andrew received a letter at their wedding breakfast...someone knew what he had done and was using it against him. The longer Andrew delayed in telling Violet the truth, the more harm was created and the deeper the hole he dug for himself. This story, while a good romance and intrigue, also managed to reveal the dregs of society, both good and bad. Andrew, being good society, did what he thought was best to save Violet from his wastrel of a brother but, in doing so, he managed to awaken the dregs of society that wished t exploit his choices. It managed to elicit angry emotions towards such heinous people which, in turn, brought about the angst and drama of the book. The chemistry between Andrew and Violet was evident from the prologue to the end of the story and only got more passionate the closer they became. But those dregs of society would constantly rear their ugly heads to prevent them from being happy. The characters were so well-developed it was like standing in a large room watching the lives of real people playing out in real-time. The fact that they hurt each other, sometimes unintentionally while trying to do the right thing, and that the rest of the world judged them for those actions, was so heart-wrenching that the pain was almost physical. Unlike many of the books I have read of late, this story was absolutely worth the long read. While there were a few times the author repeatedly used the same phrase within a sentence or two of the other, it did not detract from the pleasurable reading. This book definitely earned a five-star rating and has earned a place with the other Keeper for the Shelves collectibles.

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