The Heartbreaker by Billie Bloom

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Two frat brothers, one hot confession…let the heartbreaking commence!

My roommate found my spank bank and I’ve seen the way he’s been looking at me ever since.
I might be inexperienced and unsure, but I know watching Luca bring a guy back to his room makes my chest ache. I have enough going on figuring out my future, but why can’t I stop thinking about him? One unexpected touch leads to more and when our chemistry ignites, I’m powerless against his hot body, those dirty words he growls against my throat…
Being with him is more complicated than I anticipated. Like, why doesn’t he want to kiss me?
If only taking what I want came as naturally to me as it does to him.

Learning that Chase is into guys was a pleasant surprise and it didn’t hurt that he was naked and dripping wet when I found out. I might have become a little obsessed, but it’s cool…I know how to avoid taking things too far.
At least, that’s what I thought…
Chase might be just what I needed in life, but can I really let someone in?

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