The Dropout and the Debutante by Annabelle Winters

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I was almost free.
Just dropped out of college, about to buy my dream ride, about to hit the open road to an unknown future out west.
But then I see her standing under a tree, those delicate lashes unable to hide what I see in her big brown eyes.
The eyes of a prisoner . . .

Someone trapped in a life she didn’t want . . .
Those eyes whisper, “Save me. Set me free. Please.”
But I’m no white-knight savior.
I’m a loner dropout whose only assets are his fists.
Besides, this girl just said she’s engaged!

That’s drama like I don’t need.
I should walk away.
Hit the open road alone, just like my dream.
But what happens when that dream suddenly changes?
When I no longer want to hit the road alone.
Not without her.
Never without her.

Sweetness and a hint of darkness.
No cheating. And a guaranteed happy ending.
This is campus-love, Annabelle Winters style.

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