The Dreamer’s Song by Lynn Kurland

The spellbinding Nine Kingdoms saga continues as a mage without magic and a stable maid without a home face the approaching shadows of darkness and choices that will change them both forever…

Acair of Ceangail, still dodging his reputation as notorious black mage, has undertaken the ultimate quest: ridding the world of a mysterious, terrible dark magic while using no magic of his own. But he never bargained for three maddening complications: attempting to safeguard his beautiful but horse-obsessed companion, Léirsinn; trying not to slay a profoundly irritating prince of Neroche; and slipping in and out of places he knows will spell his doom if he’s caught.

Léirsinn of Sàraichte simply wants to do what needs to be done—find the makers of various spells and rescue her grandfather. But walking side-by-side with Acair brings a terrible revelation about the magic she needs, and what its price will exact from her soul. Together, Acair and Léirsinn face danger they never could have imagined, culminating in choices that will alter them and the history of the Nine Kingdoms.

Book Details

  • File Namethe-dreamers-song-by-lynn-kurland.epub
  • Original TitleThe Dreamer's Song
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  • Languageen-US
  • Identifier9780698198746
  • PublisherPenguin Publishing Group
  • Date2017-12-05
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Table of Content

  • 1. Cover
  • 2. Praise for Lynn Kurland
  • 3. Titles by Lynn Kurland
  • 4. Title Page
  • 5. Copyright
  • 6. Dedication
  • 7. Map
  • 8. Contents
  • 9. Prologue
  • 10. Chapter One
  • 11. Chapter Two
  • 12. Chapter Three
  • 13. Chapter Four
  • 14. Chapter Five
  • 15. Chapter Six
  • 16. Chapter Seven
  • 17. Chapter Eight
  • 18. Chapter Nine
  • 19. Chapter Ten
  • 20. Chapter Eleven
  • 21. Chapter Twelve
  • 22. Chapter Thirteen
  • 23. Chapter Fourteen
  • 24. Chapter Fifteen
  • 25. Chapter Sixteen
  • 26. Chapter Seventeen
  • 27. Chapter Eighteen
  • 28. Chapter Nineteen
  • 29. Chapter Twenty
  • 30. About the Author

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