The Case of the Grey Assassin by Charlie Cochrane

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Toby Bowe and Alasdair Hamilton make the perfect partnership onscreen and off. While hiding their relationship tests their acting skills to the utmost, a shared penchant for amateur detection challenges their intellect in a way that making films never can.
When a practical joker appears to be targeting Landseer Studios, they’re the obvious men to investigate the affair but life turns tricky when they also get asked to help a film critic who’s receiving threatening letters. Suddenly they’re involved with the hunt for a serial killer and the case begins to cut too close to home for comfort…

  • File Name:the-case-of-the-grey-assassin-by-charlie-cochrane.epub
  • Original Title:The Case of the Grey Assassin: An Alasadair and Toby Investigation
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  • Identifier:MOBI-ASIN:B09DTR1CHH
  • Publisher:Williams & Whiting
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